Around Distant Suns – Love letters to exoplanet science

(By Ludmila Carone) We at Chameleon are happy to announce the following book: Around Distant Suns – Emma Johanna Puranen Purchase in the UK.International Purchase via Amazon Around Distant Suns is an anthology of science fiction (SF) stories organised and edited by Emma Johanna Puranen, an interdisciplinary PhD student from the St Andrews Centre for … Read more

What’s in an exoplanet transit? A matter of depth!

(By Ludmila Carone) In the last blogpost, dear reader, you read all about what a planet transit is. (If not, then here you go!). Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech In any case, identifying a transit is only the beginning. Now we can actually measure the transit. One of the first thing that we identify for a suspected transit … Read more