ESR Retreat 2023


The early stage researchers (ESRs) of the CHAMELEON network organised a three-day retreat in Durbuy, Belgium, in May 2023 with focus on academic writing and collaboration between the ESRs. The sessions were therefore dominated by co-working and paper writing. Dr. Patricio Cubillos (IWF Graz) gave a talk about radiative transfer.


Before the retreat, the ESRs set their goals for this meeting, so that a progress is clearly visible. The ESRs checked these goals every day to see if they were still on track. The achievements were summarised specifically for each ESR in a separate file. To sum up, two papers were finished, one was started, nine were in progress. Collaboration were started or deepen for the following projects: ALMA Proposal, HATS-6b, Input/scientific feedback on education papers, Neumarkt Theatre exhibition planning and content input (EXOMOON), and Metal hydrides in the atmosphere of WASP-39b.


“Since this was only the 3rd time that we all saw each other in person, it was not only great to work together but also to meet the people that accompanied us through the PhD and will most likely be a part of our research career for the rest of our lives!” (Quote from a CHAMELEON ESR about the retreat)