Supervisory Board

The members of the Supervisory Board are all beneficiaries (work package leaders and supervisors) as well as the representatives of the partner institutions:
Christiane Helling, Inga Kamp, Peter Woitke, Leen Decin, Uffe G. Jørgensen, Katrien Kolenberg, Anja Andersen, Paul Palmer, as well as Michiel Min, Ludmila Carone, Jesper Bruun, Peter Van Petegem, Veerle Van der Sluys, Graeme G. Cook, Diana Juncher.

Confidential mentors:   Dr Inga Kamp, Dr Peter Woitke

CHAMELEON scientific officer:   Dr Ruth-Sophie Taubner (Space Research Institute, Graz)

ESR representative:   Pieter Steyaert

Early Stage Researchers

Flavia Amadio
“Irradiation and impact of stellar variability on exoplanet atmospheres”
Beatriz Campos Estrada
“Low-temperature chemistry for DRIFT-MARCS”
Sven Kiefer
“Cloud formation in 3D exoplanet atmospheres”
Linus Heinke
“Analysing observations via complex modelling and Bayesian inference”
Helena Lecoq Molinos
“Microphysics of cloud formation: The path to heterogeneous nucleation”
Nanna Bach-Møller
“Charge conservation and cloud formation in planet atmospheres”
Thorsten Balduin
“Grain charges and lightning in disks”
Jayatee Kanwar
“The warm chemistry in the inner disk”
Till Käufer
“Machine learning from complex disk models”
Areli Castrejon
“Disk-planet connection: exoplanet compositions informed by disk models”
Francisco Ardevol Martinez
“Machine learning for inferring physical and chemical parameters from exoplanet observations”
Aaron Schneider
“Connecting the atmosphere and the interior in extrasolar gas planets”
Marrick Braam
“Modelling lightning in 3D GCMs and the detection of biosignatures”
Oriel Marshall
“Translating scientific concepts & dilemmas into teaching material”
Pieter Steyaert
“Effectiveness of Arts in STEAM interventions”


Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences: Prof Dr Christiane Helling (WP6 leader, coordinator), Dr Peter Woitke  (WP1 leader)

University of Groningen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen):   Prof Inga Kamp  (WP4 leader)

University of Copenhagen, Centre for ExoLife Science (CELS):   Prof Uffe G. Jørgensen  (WP3 leader),   Prof Anja C. Andersen  (WP5 deputy)

University of Edinburgh:   Prof Paul Palmer  (WP7 leader)

University of Leuven (KU Leuven):   Prof Leen Decin  (WP2 leader),   Prof Katrien Kolenberg  (WP5 leader)

University of Antwerp:   Prof Katrien Kolenberg  (WP5 leader),   Prof Peter Van Petegem

Partner Organisations

Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics / TU Graz: Prof Dr Christiane Helling

LUCA School of Arts:   Dr Veerle Van der Sluys  (Specialist in Arts of Science)

Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON):   Dr Michiel Min  (Specialist in Spectroscopic Modelling)

Copenhagen Game Lab:   Dr Diana Juncher  (Specialist in educational games)

Scottish Parliament Information Centre (+ SPIC research briefing):   Graeme G. Cook  (Specialist in Politics and Information)


Technical University of Denmark:   Dr Martin Bødker Enghoff, Prof Henrik Svensmark  (Specialists in Earth-atmosphere cloud chemistry)

Previous members

University of St Andrews, Centre of Exoplanet Science

Max Planck Institut für Astronomy:   Dr Ludmila Carone  (Specialist in 3D atmosphere modelling)