ESR Retreat 2022

The early stage researchers (ESRs) of the CHAMELEON network organised a four-day retreat in Copenhagen in early September 2022 with the goal of utilising the benefits of meeting in person to progress the research in our network. This was achieved through a busy schedule consisting of workshops, lecturers, presentations and co-working. In addition to progressing … Read more

Around Distant Suns – Love letters to exoplanet science

(By Ludmila Carone) We at Chameleon are happy to announce the following book: Around Distant Suns – Emma Johanna Puranen Purchase in the UK.International Purchase via Amazon Around Distant Suns is an anthology of science fiction (SF) stories organised and edited by Emma Johanna Puranen, an interdisciplinary PhD student from the St Andrews Centre for … Read more

Massive Exoplanet MEME Exhibition 2020

By Sven Kiefer (on behalf of the organization commitee) This year, the Massive Exoplanet MEME Exhibition opened its (virtual) doors for the second time. Visitors could enjoy over 100 memes about exoplanets, student life and astrophysics in general. We kicked it off with a short introductory presentation about astrophysics by Cyrano Chatziantoniou, a member of … Read more